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Investing in your own shares is better than any unit trust but has a high barrier to entry if using reputable Stock Brokers or any Major Bank


Compelling Reasons to Invest Now

Why Invest Now? Even with the current financial world turmoil, the Global Economy has never been better. China, India and Russia are moving away from closed economies to open capitalistic reforms. This is expected to drive global demand growth for at least the next 20 to 30 years as around 2,5 billion people start to become active consumers.

These emerging markets are fuelling probably the greatest demand the world has ever seen for commodities, goods and services. As the Subprime debacle recedes, there appears no end in sight for many years to come and SA is part of these emerging markets.

South Africa is the dominant economy in Africa enjoying first world banking and financial services, while the SA Government is forced to invest in building major infrastructure for this new emerging nation. It is feasible; tax revenue collection is healthy; growth on the JSE over time will deliver higher wage and corporate taxes. Our commodities and services are in great demand.

The 2010 FIFA world cup soccer extravaganza will change our lives as never before. In the short term, the Subprime debacle has provided a unique opportunity to buy Blue Chip shares at discounts.

Why Shares?

Investing in shares is better than any other form of investment.

Investing in your own shares is better than any unit trust but has a high barrier to entry if using reputable Stock Brokers or any Major Bank.

Investing directly in shares yourself removes the barriers to entry but is risky.

Investing directly in your own shares using an expert as your Portfolio Administrator reduces the risk.



Inflation – The Destroyer?

Inflation halves your money on average, every five years ! Your R 1,000 today will be worth a paltry R125 in 15 years from now – only 12,5% of its current value? Owning your own shares is the only really effective way of keeping up! The market will always price shares in ‘current values’ so you get to benefit - tax free, as long as you hold these shares.
Your dividends are a bonus on top and give you real growth. Basically, you just cannot afford not to hold shares?

A Powerful Force! When asked to nominate the most powerful force on earth, Albert Einstein is reputed to have answered - Compound Interest !



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