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Invest in Shares Stock Market

Portfolio Administration »

Not only is it essential to select the right company stock (shares) to buy, but far more importantly, to buy (or sell) them at the right time. Timing the market is what it’s about. Without the services of a specialist who understands the market and more importantly, has a long standing track record of success, the investor places themselves at substantial risk and should rather not invest directly in shares at all unless they are prepared to pay substantial school fees; besides, most people just do not have time to do this themselves.

GWE have a strong track record and follow a careful value investing strategy when building a portfolio of shares. These portfolios are made up of high value low risk companies which return good dividends and interest. These earnings provide ongoing cash for growing the portfolio. Our Client’s success is our proof!


Because GWE are not involved in administering the investors money, they are able to handle much smaller portfolios at reduced costs with no risk to the investor. The money is always in the investors control and the investors have full monetary security.

GWE is an investment company in its own right, therefore buying the same shares for their Client’s at times when they are investing in the market themselves. The Investor therefore benefits from all the research and market strategies being applied by GWE within their own company to the investments held in the Client’s portfolio.

Caution ! Shares are tradable instruments which fluctuate in value. Short term portfolio performance can be volatile.

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Our Strategy »

Value Investing, simply, means buying high quality shares with strong dividend yields, at less than the intrinsic value and holding them for substantially long periods. Buying into the best companies on the JSE further strengthens downside risk and long term growth stability.

The timing and share selection in a portfolio of shares is essential for real financial success and ultimate financial independence. Compounding dividends gear the investment further..


So, how does it work? »

  • You open a Premium or Freedom Fund Direct Account with us and we will develop and manage a portfolio of shares for you. These shares will be acquired in line with our own portfolio using a defensive value trading strategy.

  • We open an Online Share Trading - OST account in your name to buy and sell these shares.

  • You deposit your capital (minimum of R25k or more depending on which fund you choose - there is no upper limit) into your OST account where it will earn maximum Money Market interest on cash balance, the rest being invested into shares when it is appropriate for us to do so. Contribute monthly and see it grow!


  • We receive access from you to trade this account which will allow us to buy and sell shares on your behalf. Your money is secure! Only you can transfer money out of your OST account. We have no access to your money !
    You get a regular Investor News Letter to give you background of the markets and the current strategy we
    are following at the time.

  • You can access your OST account on line at any time and view your current portfolio value.

  • What are the Costs? We charge a low renewable annual management fee on the portfolio investment value which is paid regularly every month.



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